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R.I.P. MySpace

Today (11 January 2011) is an incredibly sad day: MySpace will close down its international business, sacking all people in Germany and a lot more around the world; cutting 47% percent off the whole staff worldwide.

I left MySpace in Summer 2009 after having been employee No 3 in Germany since December 2006. It was a dream come true working for MySpace. Building, developing and growing a site that truly made a difference. No matter what you think of its design, its different strategies or users: MySpace used to be THE place for music in the web, and I was proud to be a part of it. It got me moving to Berlin, it got me to who I am now.

I am thankful for having met all those wonderful MySpacers worldwide, past and present. In spite of being packed with creativity and dedication, they all helplessly fought against windmills (and Facebook of course, but history will certainly repeat itself one day), and I feel very sorry for them now.

Good night and good luck guys.

Ich im MySpace Deutschland Team im Jahre 2009
Ich im MySpace Deutschland Team im Jahre 2009